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Quality Control – Aims International

AIMS International



Our trucks are regularly and thoroughly maintained. After each time a truck is back from a trip and prior to departing again, it becomes subject to inspection and all necessary repairs and maintenance works are done as per the enclosed sheet. Inspection works are usually performed and inspection marks served by the following concerned staff:


  1. Vehicle’s Driver
  2. Mechanics Shop
  3. Electrician Shop
  4. Tire Shop
  5. Denting and painting shop


In cases where trucks are staged for a particular project/mission in a camp other than the company’s main camp, a special equipped mobile maintenance shop will be availed to inspect and maintain the vehicles, and make them ready for approval by the quality control supervisor. If a further maintenance is needed, the supervisor may recommend moving the truck for repair at to the main camp/workshop.


In case of discrepancy between the General Manager and Assets Movement Manager on one hand and the quality Control Supervisor and Safety Engineer on the other with regard to maintenance affairs, the decision of the Quality Control Supervisor and Engineer will prevail.


All incidents regarding trucks damaged in traffic accidents, or due to misuse and/or negligence of drivers or other employees, should be reported to:


We always care for maintaining the sound image of Aims International operations, and accordingly we are already keen for our trucks serving customers on the road to reflect the same spirit also.


No truck will be allowed to leave on a new trip/mission unless after being checked and passed by the quality control supervisor and the safety engineer. A report on the vehicle condition will be signed by the driver who prepared the report.



Trailers and Tankers

Trailers and Tankers are handled very much the same way trucks are inspected, repaired and passed. They are included in the inspection sheet in page no. 5


Tankers that transported Hazardous materials, chemicals and/or petroleum products must be cleaned tested and passed before loading other products on a new mission.


Equipment Leasing:

Al equipment leased to customers must be periodically inspected for proper operation, at such time technicians must check fluids, belts, They must observe periodical maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment and change oil, filters, and other parts necessary to be changed under preventive maintenance procedures.

Upon return from short lease contracts, equipment shall be comprehensively inspected and passed by quality control for a new lease contract.

Equipment on a long lease contract must be replaced by another equipment and brought in to the companies maintenance shop for inspection and repairs to the satisfaction of the quality control supervisor.

Other Equipment & Vehicles

  1. Pumping Systems
  2. Earth moving Equip
  3. Cranes & Fork-lifts
  4. Company vehicles and pick-up trucks
  5. Recovery trucks
  6. Maintenance trucks
  7. Garage tools & Equip.
  8. The above listed equipment have to be dealt with exactly the same attention as if an asset on a mission / contract.
  9. A quality operation pays attention and give importance to the little things specially those not observed by their clients.
  10. Remember we care about quality because it is an attitude.

General Policies Assets:

Operators, Technicians and quality control supervisors shall use internationally approved instrumentation and equipment to measure:

  1. Output
  2. Measurement of tire threads.
  3. Flow
  4. Volume

2. Instrumentations must be calibrated to international standards and manufacturer’s recommendations.
3. All assets must be kept clean and washed periodically.
4. All drivers, mechanics, outside maintenance technicians, recovery personnel must have uniforms and ID badges.
5. All company assets must proudly display company name, telephone & fax numbers


General Policies Assets:


6. Most of the company’s activities falls under the service industry accordingly the following policies shall complement the quality of our assets and bring forward the senior management’s required picture of the company.




The company shall be presented in a manner consistent with quality such to include: Proposals, Brochures, pre-qualification documents, business cards, etc.

All correspondence shall be in English (US) free of grammar and language mistakes.




The employees must commit the company only to achievable targets in relation to dates and deadlines for delivery of products and services.

Employees shall respond to customers in a timely manner and be available to answer customer’s questions and/or complaints regardless of situation.

Employees shall submit competitive prices and above standard market quality.


Customer’s trust:


Employees dealing with the customer shall be up-front and truthful in relations to set-backs delays.

Employees must attempt to call the customer before he calls them.

Employees shall present a solution to the problem and in absence of such then only the truth.

Customers can surprise the employee as to how understanding they can be especially if the problem is beyond the company’s control.




We are proud of our company and the quality products and service we provide our customers

The employees shall demonstrate this pride in their company and translate that to confidence in dealing with customers.

The above 4 general policies shall be controlled by department heads and the company directors.

Please click here to Download the Quality Policy Document