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Q.H.S.C – Aims International

AIMS International


Aims International General Trading & Contracting Company (AIMS)

It is the policy of Aims International to establish procedures concerned with maintaining and upgrading Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, and to enforce such policies and procedures.

We intend to familiarize our clients with such principles with emphasis on our keenness for:

  1. Supplying quality products and service.
  2. Contributing to protecting public health and environment.
  3. We work for maintaining the safety of contractors and the community who are involved in or using our products and services, during our contractual period or transportation mission. This is also applicable for a considerable period after we leave the site and handover the project.

It is our utmost priority to care for our employees. Actually our policies and procedures are already designed to provide our employee with two major requirements:

  1. Maintain their safety and health.
  2. Availing opportunity for them to feel proud for providing high quality products and services, while at the same time maintaining public health and safety and protecting environment.

We assure that with the proper training and follow-up from your supervisor the enforcement of those policies and procedures will become part of the way you do every day business.

Please click here to Download the Quality Policy Document