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Contracting Activities – Aims International

AIMS International


Aims International General Trading & Contracting Company (AIMS)

The rules and requirements contained in this booklet have been written for the guidance of our staff and Contractors who are to perform work under contract with AIMS International Company. This booklet prescribes minimum requirements only. The staff shall be expected to abide by theserules and policies whereas Contractor, working in conjunction with Company Safety Engineer shall be expected to establish such additional rules and procedures as may be necessary to conduct a safe operation and comply with Company, regulatory and insurance requirements, and those policies of our client. The term Contractor, as used in this document, shall be understood to include any and all person, sole proprietorship, corporations, or other business ventures under contract, oral or written, to AIMS International.

Contractor is responsible for informing its subcontractors of these of these requirements,for directing and supervising work of subcontractors, and for assuring that its subcontractors adhere to requirements herein. AIMS International may request Contractor to provide proof of its subcontractor’s adherence to all rules and regulations and will prohibit access to Company property or job sites or our client’s property for those Contractors not in compliance.

In order to assist Contractor in following these instructions AIMS International Representative will be assigned to the Contractor to act as AIMS International agent in all matters relative to work activities at Company facilities or job sites. under no circumstances shall any work be started until the Company representative has been contacted, a job orientation and Safety Meeting has been conducted, and all permits, insurance, and Aims International client, and regulatory pre-job requirements have been met.

In case trucks are staged for a particular project/mission in a camp other than the main company camp, they must then be met upon return from missions by a maintenance vehicle with representative from the 4 garage shops. They must inspect / repair the trucks and make them available for the quality control supervisor and the vehicle driver or, recommend moving them to the main camp/workshop for extensive repair.

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